Northern Territory Representatives

YearCoachTeam ManagerRiders
2014Carol Brown (LHPC)Andrea Brown (LHPC)Jamee Deen (LHPC), Natasha Clayton (NHPC), Abby Johnson (LHPC), Teresa McCallum (LHPC), Natalie Teece
2012Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC)Sarah Lock (LHPC), Megan Burke (DHPC), Alice Campbell (DHPC), Jamee Dean (LHPC), Kirsty Driver (NHPC), Janita Woods (reserve DHPC)
2008Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Pen-Dennis (DHPC), Shalee Bird (BRC), Madelyn Farrington (KHPC), Krissy Lambert (KHPC), Elisha Davies (NHPC)
2007Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Pen-Dennis (DHPC), Leeanna Laurie (DHPC), Madelyn farrington (KHPC), Nina O’Leary (DHPC, Kym Henderson (KHPC)
2006Lachlan Melville (NHPC)Simon Atkins-Jones (NHPC), Chloe Fien (NHPC), Madelyn Farrington (KHPC, Jessica Pen-Dennis (DHPC), Jessica Wuttke (KHPC), Kym Henderson (KHPC)
2005Lachlan Melville (NHPC) Chloe Fien (NHPC), Mitchell Ross (DHPC), Jodi Stanley (KHPC), Jessica Wuttke (KHPC), Angela Davey (DHPC)
2004Ros Beckhouse (KHPC) Jessica Wuttke (KHPC), Thomas Wuttke (KHPC), Stacey Clements (DHPC), Charlotte Lions (DHPC), Kylee Fletcher (KHPC), Chloe Fien (NHPC)
2003Ros Beckhouse (KHPC) Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Stacey Clements (DHPC), Charlotte Lions (DHPC), Kylee Fletcher (KHPC) Mikayla Anderson (NHPC), Thomas Wuttke (KHPC
2002Cheryl Stevens (DHPC) Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Stacey Clements (DHPC), Lisa Price (DHPC), Charlotte Lions (DHPC) Mikayla Anderson (NHPC), Thomas Wuttke (KHPC)
2001Cheryl Stevens (DHPC) Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Stacey Clements (DHPC), Natalie Bell (DHPC), Jenna Milner (DHPC), Lisa Price (DHPC)
2000Cheryl Stevens (DHPC) Jenna Lions (DHPC), Natalie Bell (DHPC), Chris Diplock (DHPC), Matt Deveraux (DHPC), Jenna Milner (DHPC), Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC)

YearCoachTeam ManagerRiders
2014Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC)Angela Davey (DHPC), Megan Burke (DHPC), Chloe Kleine (DHPC), Sarah Lock (NHPC)
2011Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Sophie Henderson (KHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Natalie Bell (DHPC), Thomas Wuttke (KHPC), Stevie Marcon (DHPC), Kym Henderson (KHPC)
2010Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Natalie Bell (DHPC), Bianca Stimpson (DHPC), Elisha Davies (DHPC), Jessica Stein (NHPC)
2009Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Rachael Pen-Dennis (DHPC), Jessica Wuttke (KHPC), Kylee Fletcher (KHPC), Tara McCormick (ASPC), Dean O’Brien (ASPC)
2007Ros Beckhouse (KHPC)Lidsay Melville (NHPC), Kylie Western (NHPC), Chloe Fien (NHPC), Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Jessica Wuttke (KHPC)
2006Lachlan Melville (NHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Lachlan Melville (NHPC), Jodi Stanley (KHPC), Kylie Western (NHPC), Koel Wrigley (NHPC)
2005Lachlan Melville (NHPC)Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), Kylee Fletcher (KHPC), Lachlan Melville (NHPC), Toni Vale (KHPC), Thomas Wuttke (KHPC)
2002Cheryl Stevens (DHPC)Jenna Lions (DHPC), Khye Bannan (DHPC), Chris Diplock (DHPC), Jenna Milner (DHPC)

2012Megan Burke (DHPC), Sydney Australia
2011Grace Simmons (NHPC), USA
2008Jessica Pen-Dennis (DHPC), Australia
2007Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), New Zealand
2006Chloe Fien (NHPC), England
2004Thomas Wuttke (KHPC) USA; Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), New Zealand
2002Jessica Beckhouse (KHPC), England
2001Natalie Bell (DHPC), USA
1997Khye Bannan (KHPC), England

2004Jessica Beckhouse - Represented Australia at the North Island Team Championships, in New Zealand. (aged 17)
2008Jessica Beckhouse - Represented Australia at the NZ Horse & Pony Magazine North Island Team Championships, in New Zealand. (aged 21)

1998Trudy Clark (NHPC)Lachlan Melville (NHPC), Lindsay Melville (NHPC), Grant Clark (NHPC)
1997Lachlan Melville (NHPC), Lindsay Melville (NHPC), Grant Clark (NHPC)
1995Tracey Syrimi (NHPC)Lisa Mutimer (NHPC), Amanda McLeod (NHPC), Karen Munns (NHPC), Justine Burgess (ASPC)
1994Lachlan Melville (NHPC), Helena Cox (NHPC), Vanessa Carusi (NHPC), Kylie Amiet (NHPC), Sharni Salmi (ASPC), Brooke Morley (ASPC)

1997Pam Crellin Julie O’Hehir, Christopher Diplock, Bonnie Howe, Rebecca Sharp, Jodi Luke, Sarah Brady, Robyn Dickson, Sharon Prowse, Sonya Spielman
1995Pam CrellinKelly Smith, Alana Grorud, Michelle Clements, Jodi Luke

PCANT Service and Special Awards

YearAwarded to
2009Sarah Gordon (NHPC), Susan Glencross (BRC), Khye Sibenaler (DHPC)

YearAwarded to
2009Sonya Arnold (KHPC)

YearAwarded To
2000Ian Melville (NHPC), Cheryl Stevens (DHPC)
Unknown YearKerry and Margaret Jones

The perpetual Pam Crellin Memorial Award for Pony Club Dressage is a tribute to Pam Crellin who lost her battle with leukaemia in October 2010. Pam was a highly successful rider and a valued instructor who was a major contributor to the dressage community – especially to pony club. PCANT wishes to celebrate Pam’s equestrian endeavours and recognise her significant contributions to the dressage world with this award for correct training principles, which epitomises Pam’s approach to dressage. This Pony Club Dressage Award is presented to a rider who shows a passion for dressage through participation and who in the eyes of the judges has tried to establish a sound training scale through correct dressage principles that will enable them to progress in the equestrian discipline of Dressage.

YearAwarded To
2016Amy Fisher (NHPC)
2015Alley Reynolds (NHPC)
2014Shayla Fatore
2013Chelsea Maxwell (DHPC) & Chloe Kleine (DHPC)
2012Not Awarded
2011Jaimee Harbridge