Anyone who is interested in becoming a Pony Club Coach should take a moment to read the fact sheet below, which outlines the requirements and responsibilities of a pony club coach. For those who wish to formalise their accreditation, follow the link below to find out about the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

National Coaching Accreditation


Current PCANT Accredited Coaches

Level 1 Preliminary Coaches

Sarah Bancroft    Nicole Mutimer (NHPC)
Teresa Cunnington    Stevie Smith (NHPC)
Ruth Hanssen    Melanie Brenton (DHPC)
Sharon le Mesurier    Lisa Mutimer (NHPC)
Debbie Thiel    Angela Stringer (DHPC)

   Vicky Beasy (DHPC)

   Robyn Purtill (LHPC)

   Jenny Jones (NHPC)

   Rosalyn Beckhouse (KHPC)

   Julie Cook (KHPC)

   Simone Heenan (ASPC)

   Amie Power (ASPC)

   Sharon O'Toole (ASPC)

   Rachel Fisher (NHPC)

   Kate Kilgallon (DHPC)



Current PCANT Accredited Graders (C and above)

Sarah Bancroft
Teresa Cunnington
Ruth Hanssen
Sharon le Mesurier
Debbie Thiel



PCANT Judges

Sarah Bancroft
Teresa Cunnington
Sharon le Mesurier
Debbie Thiel
Ruth Hanssen (Preliminary)